Shoreline Park Project 8/14/2017

  • Color Tech recently had the opportunity to work with IN+FORM on an art project for Meridian Park in Shoreline, Washington.  IN+FORM fabricated four stainless steel sculptures that were then sand blasted & powder coated at Color Tech.  The interior of the sculptures were coated with a low gloss white, while the base & tops of the sculptures were coated with an accent color.  The outside of the sculptures received a heavy blast on the stainless steel.  These sculptures are illuminated from the interior, and are a great addition to Meridian Park.

Sol-Gel BAC 5663 & BAC 5665 Approval  7/7/2017

  • Color Tech is proud to announce that we have been approved to apply Sol-Gel per BAC 5663 & BAC 5665

                        BEFORE                                        AFTER

                        BEFORE                                        AFTER

Stage 1 wash riser upgrade 4/10/17

Color Tech prides itself to our continuous improvement projects.  As shown in the pictures Color Tech has replaced and improved the stage 1 wash risers on our automated powder coat line.  This project was headed by our maintenance manager Shane Opp and both powder coat shifts.  The project took approximately 72 hours to complete, and has made a significant difference in the cleaning of parts processed on the automated powder coat line.